About Us

The North Texas REALTORS® in Action Foundation (NTRIAF) is a 501(c)(3) charitable organization founded by Collin County Area REALTORS®.


The Foundation’s mission is to provide the resources needed to implement outreach programs in our surrounding communities through charitable donations, volunteer work, education, and charitable housing initiatives.

What We Do

Through the volunteer efforts of Collin County Area REALTORS’® Community Outreach Committee and through received financial donations, NTRIAF:

  • Rehabilitates, repairs and/or beautifies real property within the community
  • Provides relief and relocation assistance programs for victims of natural disasters
  • Supports other non-profit charities serving within the community
  • Serves as an advocate for the voice for real estate
  • Works within the community for the betterment of the people


NTRIAF received its official charter on December 23, 2015—just three days before tornadoes hit the North Texas area. While the Foundation had planned to hold a kick-off event to announce its creation, Collin County Area REALTORS® knew that helping residents impacted by the tornadoes was paramount.

Within just a few hours of the tornadoes touching ground, the Foundation began collecting truckloads of item donations for the Red Cross, REALTOR® volunteers were on the ground helping with the clean-up efforts, and monetary support was being provided to victims. NTRIAF was able to give 100-percent of all money it received to aid tornado victims to those actually impacted by the tornadoes—an amount that surpassed $19,000.

Those first few chaotic weeks of NTRIAF’s existence defined the basis for what is now a strong and thriving civic-minded organization. Whether it’s an emergency situation or a planned chartable effort, NTRIAF is capable and ready to jump in. Through “boots on the ground” help to clear debris, to providing financial assistance for those needing to repair their homes, to partnering with community organizations looking to raise awareness for a social cause, NTRIAF is there—just as it was in its first few weeks, and just as it will be in the future.